Is iOS 17 1 1 safe

Is iOS 17 1 1 safe
iOS 17.1
What is the difference between the IOS 17 update and IOS 15 IOS 16?
 What complaints are you experiencing on IOS 17?

 Mention the bug issue that is a problem on the iPhone?

This mandatory update is the last iOS in 2023. Apple’s new iOS 17.2.1 has just been released, bringing improvements to bux issues which are very important for iPhones. We are increasingly convinced that iOS 17 is indeed problematic, yes, this update is really fast.

Is iOS 17 1 1 safe

 iOS 17.2.1

Is iOS 17 1 1 safe.  It’s different from the previous iOS update, iOS 15 iOS 16. I think the update is a bit slow.  whereas on S17 it seems like it’s really fast to fix the box issue, the box issue has only been fixed. But in fact, there are still a lot of complaints about IOS 17, friends. Is iOS 17 1 1 safe.

Bug issue

 Talking about the bug issue and this update, if you see for yourself in the IOS notes, this update is a perfect important bug fix and this is highly recommended for all Apple device users.
Again, here Apple doesn’t tell me what bars are being repaired, are there too many or is he embarrassed?
Is iOS 17 1 1 safe.  There are so many bugs on the A17 that Apple doesn’t give any important points to fix.  Again, this is an important bug, we don’t know what to fix because talking about bug issues for each device can be different.  only here do I note there are five important bug issues that Apple must fix and this is still working for Apple, just go straight to the update.

 update 17.2.1

 This time it’s 17.2.1, if you look at the update, it’s only around 200 MB on my iPhone 11, just under 200 MB on my iPhone 13, and on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it’s above 200 MB.
 With a size this small, fixing bug issues is very important, I’m not sure there will be a lot of bug issues that will be fixed, but at least, we just have to try updating it with an update without IWO, friends. Immediately check the software update, friends.  Just update and see if the bug issue is fixed.
Is iOS 17.1 1 safe?
update 17.2.1
 Continue talking about the official iOS version 21c66.  So for friends who don’t use the iOS beta version, because talking about the beta, it has reached 17.3, friends.
 It should be the same version as mine now and talking about making system changes such as making modem firmware, I checked that there are no changes on the iPhone because it’s still the same here and it should be the same on your device. The same, nothing has changed. The modem hasn’t changed.
Even for the iPhone ST here, after the update, the good news is that it’s still going up, but here the increase, fortunately, isn’t that much. For example, before the update, it was three.96 gigs and after the update it became 4.81 more or less, it’s up to around 800, yes, for my device, I don’t know what kind of devices my friends have.
 iOS this time is actually not just talking about fixing bug issues because Apple also has a few problems or problems related to sales of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch 9.
 So, if you watched the news yesterday, Apple stopped selling the Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 because there were issues related to patent rights, friends.
Is iOS 17 1 1 safe. Here, Apple is being sued by one of the brands, namely the health brand Massimo, who is demanding blood oxygen measurements. It turns out that Apple is saying he has plagiarized or equated a feature that he still has for a long time. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the iOS update.
 this time or maybe Apple has stopped turning off or stopping the Blood oxygen feature because if Apple continues to present this feature then it will be subject to prosecution, subject to prosecution because this feature is plagiarized.
The health feature is owned by Massimo and even if this update has nothing to do with Apple’s patent case yesterday, it means that this update only focuses on fixing important bug issues, yes, important bug fixes.
 important bug fix where we don’t know what was fixed because so far from yesterday’s summary of iOS 17.2 I still noted that there were five bug issues that Apple had to fix. And this is quite annoying for iPhone users out there.

 Notification sound

 First, let’s talk about the notification sound, whether it’s the sound of keyboard typing or the sound of friends’ notifications from WhatsApp, emails, or whatever it is, sometimes the notification sound likes to grow bigger on its own, sometimes it likes to get smaller, this also makes it unclear.

 Overheating issue

Is iOS 17 1 1 safe. Secondly, the issue of overheating on the iPhone 15 Pro Maxing turned out to be not the only one I prayed for after I updated the I 17. 2 I made a YouTube video. After installing the review, it turned out that there were quite a lot, not only Pro Max, iPhone 11 13 14 users liked it randomly, but randomly, but it likes to heat up, but it’s not clear, even if it’s later.
Is iOS 17.1 1 safe?
 After we used it for a while, the heat temperature started to decrease, but it was still hot, it wasn’t clear what it was doing, guys, just opened the lock screen, swiped right for a moment, and entered the application, it seemed like it immediately overheated, which was a bit strange.

WiFi issue

Is iOS 17.1 1 safe?
Wi-Fi network
 Third, it’s still a WiFi issue, guys, this Wi-Fi issue, even though some out there have given me tips on how to reset Network Forget Network for the Wi-Fi network, it’s still the same.
 Several devices out there have tried any method. It’s still the same for the WiFi connection.  It’s like it’s unstable and likes being intermittent.  Hopefully, this update will also be fixed.

 Airdrop issue

 Fourthly, talking about the airdrop issue, up to now I still experience the same problem when sending file transfers from iPhone to iPad. iPhone to Mac Mini. This sometimes causes problems.  It’s not just the usual airdrop that doesn’t work for the Nandrop feature which is stuck on the iPhone, but sometimes the animation doesn’t appear.

 Camera focus issue

Is iOS 17 1 1 safe. Lastly, the fifth one talks about the issue of camera focus. I think in 17.2 yesterday there was a lot of improvement, especially for autofocus using a telescope, it turns out that after I read around in the comments column, it’s still there. Some of these users are still having difficulty focusing photos on the iPhone camera. Just hope, guys. Hopefully, these five issues will become the common work for iPhone users that many people complain about.
Is iOS 17.1 1 safe?
 Hopefully in this update 17.2.1 this has been fixed, guys, because here Apple doesn’t tell you what has been fixed, or what has been improved, just writes, yes, the importance of the bug fix isn’t really clear.
 Maybe that’s all for now, for friends, the point is that this is a mandatory update because this is the last update, friends, in 2023, and maybe it will be updated again in January 2024, for friends who have already updated and feel that there are differences in your sub, it’s been fixed, just have to fix it.  Just write in the comments column and as usual, friends, include your iPhone device.
OK, guys. See you in the next article.

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