don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box
iPhone box matter
  1. what is the iPhone storage capacity?
  2. why should the iPhone size be chosen?
  3. Can MFI iPhone be faked?

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box: Greetings, friends. Talking about aftermarket box on the iPhone Inter, it can be said that 90% of the time, the IMEI will definitely shoot, friends. I can really guarantee that. Why am I saying this? Continuing in this article, we will share with friends to discuss several mistakes when buying an iPhone, whether it’s buying an official iPhone, an Inter iPhone, a new iPhone, or a used iPhone.

For friends who have had a rather pleasant experience buying an iPhone, you can share it in the comments column. This first mistake probably comes from many friends who still choose the wrong size and storage. There are quite a lot of people sharing this. At that time, on Instagram, DM, or even just entrusting the sale to my customer, who replaced the unit with larger storage or a larger model.

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box

 iPhone storage capacity

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box

iPhone 11 15 box matter. First, let’s discuss capacity.  Okay, talking about iPhone storage, here are a few tips, yes, friends, if you only use it daily, outside of playing games, you’re not very active, you also need photos, video needs for the most basic mode and the smallest capacity, for example currently the iPhone 12 64  This 128 gigabyte GB iPhone 13 is still fine.
iPhone 11 15 box matter
iPhone storage capacity
but if you use this for an aftermarket box on an iPhone, Inter business needs are for the Entertainment business. This is active, meaning that negative photos and videos are routinely used to play active games for work needs. maybe as an admin looking after social media, it would be a good idea if my advice is for friends who want to use it for the long term, at least take one with a capacity of 256 giga.

iPhone purchase

iPhone 11 15 box matter
iPhone storage capacity
iPhone 11 15 box matter. Secondly, talking about buying official and internal iPhones, here’s a little information about the official iPhone, currently adding a new model, friends.  Apart from this, PT Erajaya iBox Erafone Story Map has another target from PT GDN PT Global Digital Niaga.
So, there are 3 model numbers, this is the one that officially entered Indonesia and the biggest mistake is that when friends buy an Inter iPhone, they hold onto the wrong Inter iPhone first, friends.

 brand new

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box

First, why do I say the biggest mistake? Many friends bought Intel iPhones. This is talking about the first. Yes, a new brand, a new inbox that has passed the IME policy.
So buy it after the IMEI policy applies like the iPhone 12. Many people buy iPhone 13, iPhone 14. This IMEI is not registered with Customs. This result does not rule out the possibility that the device could be blocked, even though some sellers provide a warranty, whether it may be 6 months to 1 year or a lifetime guarantee.
The difference may be the ingredients, friends.  For example, someone asks, How important is this box? What’s important is that the iPhone device is safe. Yes, this is true. Friends, using your iPhone is safe, but if you talk about buying an iPhone with a fake box, this is the same.
If you don’t know, maybe buy a car, buy a motorbike, buy a house, but the documents are fake. Do you agree, friends?  Actually, I’m talking more about IMEI, friends.
 Then, if you know the entry route to Indonesia, just tell us a little about it, and a little bit of education, there are various kinds from abroad, some of which are the whole body of an iPhone.
 This is talking about iPhone only, complete with battery displays of all kinds and some only come in ingots and are talking about drilling machine boards and usually these come in large quantities.
 After it was put in a cardboard box, it was just carpeted, but finally, my friends had seen it like that.  Usually, it can be said that 99% of the units that enter Indonesia are just sticks or machines, the IMEI of which is not clear.
How about friends, do you pay official taxes or not?  It’s just that most of them won’t pay tax, that’s why the selling price is so cheap.
So, coming back to talking about aftermarket boxes on iPhones, the intensity will shoot my friends. Why am I saying this I have quite a lot of experience at Inter events, I have been playing with iPhones since 2011 and this is just a little education for friends.
If you want to buy an Inter iPhone, buy it with the original box, even though there is no guarantee either.  Buying an Inter iPhone with an original IMEI box will not be permanent at all, but at least we know that this iPhone is coming to Indonesia with a complete set.
 I’m talking more about iPhone Inter, which makes old series like the iPhone 10R 10s. Later, if the iPhone is damaged, this iPhone will blame you for choosing the wrong accessories.
 From me, for safe accessories, there are lots of brands, just make sure you buy data cables that have Mate for iPhone and MFI, so be careful.

Mfi iPhone

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box

don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box, Talking about making MFI in iPhone accessories because talking about making iPhone cables with MFI can be faked. There are several brands out there that say mfi on the box but they are not officially registered on Apple’s mfi website.  Likewise, the charger adapter head is also quite important because we are talking about fast chargers of 20 watts and above.
If you don’t want to buy the Apple brand because the price is quite expensive, 450 or 399, friends, just choose this accessory which already has a pretty good brand.
iPhone 11 15 box matter
iPhone storage capacity
For example, this is not a promotion, one of which is your Green. OK, personally, for cable and adapter accessories, I still use the original Apple ones.  I only use a brand new green data cable, you Green, and a 20-watt adapter, you Green.
 This last mistake is that when you buy an iPhone, you don’t immediately install scratch resistance, even though if we look at all the iPhone advertisements that say it is scratch resistant, this is bullshit.
Every time I finish unboxing my iPhone, I use the iPhone to test it all day, we use it for filming, and I immediately get scratched, I don’t know why, even though in the past I used it normally just for Unboxing to create content, I don’t know why or just thin scratches, one or two lines, appear.
So this iPhone screen is not anti-scratch at all, in my opinion it is rather vulnerable.  So that’s why it’s mandatory for friends out there who want to buy an iPhone, especially buying a new iPhone, friends, install it straight away, it’s anti-scratch and for those who want to buy a used iPhone, this is mandatory, friends, you have to pay attention because usually used iPhones already have it installed.  anti-scratch.
 It’s a good idea for friends to take off the anti-scratch because if you use tempered glass if you use thin tempered glass, scratches or scratches can disappear.  So it’s a good idea for friends who want to buy a used iPhone, you take off the anti-scratch, friends, pay close attention to the display to see if there are scratches or if it’s really smooth.
 At least these are 5 mistakes when buying an iPhone. For friends who want to add, just write them in the comments column. See you in the next article.(don’t be a victim of iPhone 11 to 15 Box).

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