Best special Realme c53 NFC

Best special Realme c53 NFC
realme c53 NFC
  1. What is the size of the elegant design of the realme c53 NFC?
  2.  Name one of the realme C53 NFC body textures?
  3.  What is meant by the Mini Capsule feature on Realme C53 NFC?
  4.  how much is micro SD on realme c53 NFC?
  5.  how is the quality of the realme c53 NFC camera?
special realme c53 NFC: realm c53 NFC brings several advantages that might make you fall in love, but for 2 million it is able to answer your daily needs with a performance that is quite good in its class.
Seeing the Banderas price and the features it brings is certainly very interesting to discuss the Realme 3 NFC, especially since the Realme 3 has a beautiful design that makes it look luxurious, its appearance is no less cool than the Realme C55 NFC which was previously released.  Next, the advantages and disadvantages of Realme C53.

special realme c53 NFC

 Elegant design size realme c53 NFC

Realme has once again made us worse with its elegant design, the realm 3 NFC is indeed present in the entry-level line from Realme. Even so, the appearance of this cellphone doesn’t give a cheap impression the Realme C53’s back body is coated with a golden seal – a replacement cutting so the appearance has a pure shine.
special realme c53 NFC
design size realme c53 NFC

 vertical slice texture

 Apart from that, there is a vertical calice texture which also leaves a luxurious feel on the back of this cellphone. The Realme 3 NFC jacket design is also supported by the thin body of this cellphone, which can be said to be the Realme c53 NFC.
So one of the cellphones with the thinnest body, the thickness is only 7.49 mm, the weight is only 182 grams, and the sides of the body are also curved, it is clear that the AMOLED panel display of the cellphone screen is still capable of emitting the brightness level of the screen to the eye.
 This cellphone lasts 560 minutes, meaning you don’t need to be afraid of difficulties when looking at the screen in sunlight. What’s more interesting is that the Realme c53 NFC screen sector already has a 90hz refresh rate. the realme c55 NFC.

Mini capsule features

 This cellphone also has a Mini Capsule feature. This feature can be said to be a group of Dynamic Island on the iPhone. This feature can change the position of the notification display from the side, making it seem as if the size of the front camera lens has changed. some of you may be very excited to try this feature, unfortunately, the type of protection and protection that covers the screen.
special realme c53 NFC
Mini capsule
This cellphone in the Realme c53 NFC engine sector is no less interesting to discuss, unlike the Realme c55 NFC, this cellphone uses a chipset, namely the Tiger t612 soc, fabricated with 12 nanometers, and has an 8-core processor. special realme c53 NFC.
including two Cortex A75 units with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz and 6 A55 units running at a speed of 1.8 GPU Maliki 57 which functions as a graphics processor not far from the Realme C55 NFC.
Realme C53 NFC is also claimed to be able to run several games well. Realme’s smooth performance cannot be separated from the presence of its RAM capacity.
This cellphone has a size of 6 GB, but you are still not satisfied. You can use this feature, it will help expand the Realme capacity to 36 GB, meaning you can enjoy RAM capacity, namely a total of 12 GB. RAM of this size can help to optimize performance.
With this cellphone, you can record other types of activities without fear of liking or experiencing problems, which means that not only RAM, but the storage memory of the Realme C53 NFC is also relieved, the default capacity is 128 GB, but you can still expand it with an additional external memory card.

 Micro SD

special realme c53 NFC
Micro SD
This cellphone supports adding micro SD up to 2TB, which will help you.  especially if you store many types of files on your cellphone, especially the size of files such as photos and videos, the larger the camera on the back of the body, namely 50 MP with a White lens with f1.8 aperture and 1 depth sensor lens. special realme c53 NFC.

 Realme c53 NFC camera

Then what about the selfie camera, Realme has an 8MP front camera which can also be relied on to record video. The main camera is capable of recording with quality up to 1080p 30 FPS.

 While the front camera produces HD-quality recording at 30fps, it’s still quite good for video or virtual calls. Unfortunately, it’s not there after selecting the camera sector on this cellphone.
special realme c53 NFC
Realme c53 NFC camera
 So your video recording may feel painful or wobbly, the realm sensor has given the best from the name and it is clear that this cellphone already has near file communication or NFC technology apart from NFC, the Realme c53 NFC also has a fingerprint sensor on the side of the body. special realme c53 NFC.

addition of Realme c53 NFC sensor

 Several other sensors can be found on this cellphone, such as the gyroscope, proximity compass, and accelerometer. Each of these sensors certainly has its function.  for example, the gyroscope sensor will make it easier for you to find out the accurate position when opening Google Maps.
 One of the shortcomings of Realme NFC is that there is no IP rating. The IP rating is here to confirm that a cellphone is resistant to water or dust. Unfortunately, realme does not provide definite information about the presence of this cellphone’s tank.
 The absence of an IP rating can make your cellphone vulnerable to damage when exposed to water or dust, so extra caution is needed when carrying your cell phone in the rain or when you are in certain locations. special realme c53 NFC.

 disadvantages of realme c53 NFC

 There is one drawback that means you might fail to bring this cellphone home, namely, the absence of an ultra wide lens makes it difficult for you to take photos first. If you want to do a group selfie with lots of people in one frame
From the explanation regarding the design, it can be seen that this cellphone has one speaker located at the bottom, precisely next to the charging port. 1 speaker is not enough, especially if you often enjoy video content or play movies and listen to music.
However, Realme promises good sound quality with volume optimization that can be adjusted to 150% and fortunately, there is still a 3.5 mm check audio port on this cellphone.
 So you can rely on earphones or headphones. However, the sound produced by the Realme C53 NFC is not low enough.  Thank you for reading this article, don’t forget to like and continue to follow this blog to get the best interesting information. special realme c53 NFC.

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