Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method

Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method
how service smartphone

Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method

  1. How do you service a cellphone?
  2. Mention what tools are needed?
  3. How to use the tool?
  4. Explain how to use the blower?
  5. Explain how to use solder?


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello friends, wherever you are, okay, this time I will share how to learn cellphone service for beginners.

For friends who want to learn cellphone service, of course, what must be prepared first are the tools needed. Yes, later I will explain what tools will be used and how to use them.

Previously, if my article was useful for friends, don’t forget to like comment, and follow, keep monitoring my blog because in the future there will be lots of other tutorial articles and other methods that I will share. OK, let’s get started. This is how to service a smartphone.

Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method
blower settings

Friends, OK, now let’s move on to talking about blower settings. For beginners, there are two options for setting the blower, namely wind and heat.

For the heat and wind settings, we don’t want it to be too hot and the wind is too strong for beginners, for the heat.

It’s enough that we just give it 350 and for the wind we just give it at 40. We just give it at 40/50, don’t do it too fast, this is because if the wind is strong, the components can end up flying around and putting in heat that can withstand the strong wind. Well, let’s move on to practice. Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method.

how to use the blower

After we set the opponent, we immediately practiced. Okay, now we immediately practice how to use the blower. This time, we have a trick to overcome the power, don’t use the blower, don’t stop it at one point, OK? First of all, we will give you a Luxor plug. Yes, this can be called a lubricant.

This is how to service a smartphone
use the blower

If it’s lubricating oil, let it thin out quickly and cook quickly, so that it’s easier to fill it later so it doesn’t get hard on the IC that we want to lift. OK, let’s take the blower that we set earlier, let’s just heat it over the hot contents in a rocking manner, then don’t let the blower stay in one spot. Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method.

So the position is that it rotates on the nice edges around the IC. Then if you leave it for a second, it might heat some of it unevenly, so let’s rotate the blower to the edges of the IC, all of it evenly so that it heats up evenly, right? Stay in one spot and wait until the tin melts.

To find out if the tin is melting, we can then shake the contents a little at the edge, slowly, if the contents are already shaking, then we can lift the contents, so don’t force it to lift. You can’t just leave it for now, the point is you have to be patient.

If it’s already wobbling, we can lift the contents like this so it’s easy to lift the contents if the tin has melted.

After friends, look around here, this is how to use a blower, how to lift the IC, if it has been lifted then what we have to do is clean the legs with diesel fuel, like stones, there are a lot of legs and there are tens of them close together, what’s the point? counted on his fingers, it was hard to count. Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method.

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How to use solder

now the next step is to use solder. how to use solder to clean the feet on a tin machine. First, we give it another pat, not too much, just enough, then we solder everything so that the remaining tin is lifted and then it sticks. Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method.

This is how to service a smartphone
use solder

Use the solder, it must also be hot, yes, hot enough. Don’t. If the solder is too cheap and doesn’t get hot, then it will be difficult to clean. Well, just have fun, let’s rub it slowly, yes, the spicy mayo will lift as if it has been lifted and it will be evenly clean, and then we will use it to tweak.

The function of the go tweak is to align the legs on the machine. So, if you use this, on average everything is fine, if you use diesel, you just lift the rest. Well, this is how to use the time. I have cut the card. Please look at it carefully.

Don’t force the plant either. If you force it, there will be people who will be attracted to the messy red. Here’s how to use the go tweak, like this, OK, Gothic, just solder the fan fan. The important thing is that the legs can be even, you have to be careful.

So all the points on all the legs have to be even, don’t let 1 or 2 still stick out. If it sticks out then it will block the contents and it won’t be able to be even when anti-copying the contents.

If it’s already flat, then clean it using thinner. Don’t use the thinner, don’t use the 10 thousand bottle, but we can use thinner in a can, which is fast, spider or sharp saucepot, it’s also good, it’s clean, now just install the IC.

OK, friends, that was just the tutorial on how to use a blower and sholeh and Gotik and soldering flux. Now let’s move on to how to use a power supply. Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method.

how to use the power supply

Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method

Now I will tell you how to use the power supply. For this power supply, we first set the amperage, the voltage, don’t exceed 5 volts, don’t let it exceed 5 volts, just run the pattern or 3.8, that’s fine because the current consumption capacity required by the cellphone is 3. 8 volts is a maximum of 25 volts, that’s 50 is the maximum.

So don’t exceed five positions, let’s just put four in this red one, the output is the same as this item, the red one is the stun plus the stun output and the other one is this item, this is the second group, if you compare the ion, think of it as a battery replacement. This is how to service a smartphone.

This is how to service a smartphone
use the power supply

Let’s try testing how to use it, we clip the red one to the plus Los on the cellphone, don’t turn it upside down because if it’s upside down it will cause a short circuit on the red one.

According to the battery, we plug in the plywood in the corner, then we also determine the voltage at the plugged power supply. We test pressing onho on the cellphone, and then the amperage for the supply on the side will increase according to the condition of the cellphone.

consumption should, as friends have seen, finally increase by 0.01 amperes. If the cellphone is normal it will be able to turn on because this time my cellphone doesn’t have an MMC.

So the voltage is like this. How to use this power supply can be likened to a battery replacement. OK, that’s all from me, friends, just now on how to use the blower and also the soldering power supply and so on.

In the future, there are still many ways that I will also upload for friends. Those who are curious about what the future holds, stay tuned to my article because in the future there will be many tutorial articles that I will share with friends.

Here we learn together. If you have any suggestions, if you have any requests, friends, you can write them in the comments column. God willing, if I can, I will make a tutorial response.

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Can you fix the cellphone? There are still a lot of defects on the cellphone that I have to dig up later. Because if I explain everything now, one day won’t be enough, friends, because it’s very lengthy.

check because the Opp oA16 is completely dead

if it is discussed more directly, God willing, in the future I will upload another tutorial article. OK, don’t forget to like comment share too, friends, thank you for reading my article. Good luck. Really successful cellphone service using this 1st method.

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