The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024
Buy iPhone 12

The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024: Hello friends, new information for you about the iPhone 12, here and the iPhone 12, it’s already 3 years old, and it’s really fast, yes, the price has fallen by 40% since it was launched when it was first sold, and the price for the iPhone 12 128 gig could hit at 16.5 million now if we search online everything is selling in the range of .5 million down 6 million 4% discount. We’re talking about the iPhone 12 in new condition and with an official guarantee of quality.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024


The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

1. iPhone 12 quality

Of course, if we are looking for a second-hand Inter, the price could fall even further, some dare to charge up to 6 or 7 million, but there are some, but I don’t care to recommend Inter goods which may have replaced components, the IME guarantee is also only a month if our cellphone suddenly doesn’t work. catch the signal immediately stop walking, and buy a cellphone from a seller you can trust.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

For example, if you open a cellphone counter or a second friend of yours, who has just replaced a new cellphone, saves it and asks what he’s doing with his old iPhone, brush it off, it’s worth it. Well, if you make a new unit like this, the official guarantee is that it’s still fresh for 1 year, and the price is already good, but my advice is to be patient. Hold on for a few more months so it’s more worth it.

2. Current price

because when this article was written at the end of 2023, the position of the iPhone 12 was tight between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 13, which have a better price. If you want a cheap iPhone, the new iPhone 11 only costs IDR 8 million, you know, at that time we also discussed it, that’s one option that’s worth it. Meanwhile, if our budget can be stretched a little, it’s better to add a million to get an iPhone 13.

So the price of the iPhone 12 has gone down, but the sweetest thing would be if it were reduced by Rp. 500,000 to another million so that the position is more suitable. Hopefully, the smells can already be smelled. If we look at one of the online stores, the sales figures for the iPhone 12 are the smallest, so that’s the saddest thing. the other is the iPhone 11, iPhone 13, 3,000 more units, iPhone 12, not even 1,000 consumers are smart.

3. Phone series

Many people already know which series has the most value and I agree. I hope the seller will reduce the price of the iPhone 12 so that the distribution is more even. I hope it’s like that. I hope not. It increases the price of the iPhone 13. Wow, it’s really difficult to use price theories like this. It’s dangerous if we always use it. If you’re responsible, then the iPhone 13 could also be affected. Bro, if you add another million, the iPhone 14 will leak after a while.

So that’s why we just focus on the iPhone 12 at the current price, even though the cellphone is still good, the iPhone has a long life like the software. For example, I just set up this cellphone at the beginning and immediately asked for permission to update to iOS 17, the latest iOS used in The newest iPhone too, if you want to get your crush’s attention, Wow, you don’t need to click on airdrop photos, you just have to stick the iPhones together, wow, iOS 17 also has other features like standby mode and so on.

4. iPhone Software

Regarding the iPhone software, it really makes the iPhone 12 drool, which started from iOS 14, but is still being invited to the CCEL of iOS 17 and maybe it can continue to be updated for another 45 years, right? If it’s about style, maybe the iPhone 12 is a little old-fashioned, the two cameras don’t give a sign that it’s that The generation before the iPhone 13 also had a maximum width and was not slimmed down like now.

but the sides are flat, and the cell phone is square, making the grip feel similar to a new iPhone or an old iPhone like the iPhone 5. Yes, regarding this design. Maybe you’d prefer an ergonomic curved iPhone with a straight-line camera like the free iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 Of course, the iPhone is still an iPhone, it feels expensive but doesn’t get old, the color variants of the products we are discussing now are still tempting.

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5. Home screen

The screen is also used, which is good, yes, it’s OLED, not IPS anymore like the iPhone 11, the resolution is also sharper, above full HD, the size is good at 6.1 inches, the weight is light, only 163 GR, this is super small, the speakers are iPhone style, it’s also a stereo, the bass contains water resistance Of course, wireless charging supports NFC sensors, everything is complete in this era. HP doesn’t feel like it’s less than 3 years later and it’s still the same, at least the screen refresh rate is still 60 Hz, but the iPhone 15 is still 60 Hz, I can’t complain about SII.

6. Performance

And for performance, it still only has 4 gigs of RAM, but if you ask me, is it still optimal, no, for playing games, of course, it’s still stable, at 60 Hz, so it’s not surprising that light games can also cost a million pennies on an Android.

but when compared to today’s processors like the Bionic a16 A17 Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3, the a14 by Bionic chip on the iPhone 12 is no longer strong when playing heavy games like the best setting is medium, the frame rate range goes up and down 45 up to 50 FPS. If it’s been more than 20 minutes, it will drop a bit there.

For starters it’s also pretty good, it’s best at low so it’s more stable for games like Honkaai Staril, it’s the same if it’s at medium or low, it’s safe. Occasionally, it drops Ultimate at 50% or 100% energy, which makes Argenti very flexible in the team in this version. 1.5 there is also a storyline update, there is a mission to catch ghosts together in the new map, and fix Troll Garden, there is also a simulated Universe World 8 with new planar ornaments and of course, there are 10 free warps.

a. Gift of Odyssey

For those who log in for 7 days via Gift of Odyssey, you can use it to roll Argenti, for those who immediately want the new version of Gas, I’ve put the link below, I’ve also got a code to get 50 Stellar Jets, so just play using an iPhone 12. You can still use it.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

But remember, don’t expect the settings to be as hot as this new 10 million cellphone, the graphics are challenging, so don’t compare it, let alone compare it with a gaming cellphone, wow, don’t worry, the temperature is also too hot, yes, on the back, it can get up to 45 degrees when playing Honkaai on a push or the battery generator also runs out quickly. If you push it fast like an iPhone, it’s the iPhone 12.

I only have 2,800 iPhones, so for half an hour of gaming it’s still OK, just consuming 10% is already quite high, but it’s still OK.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

b. chat tiktok YouTube

If you want to chat or play social media, TikTok, or YouTube, it’s easy, well, that’s just the screen on time, it can last 5 to 6 hours for the camera results. Well, this is the most sought-after thing about an iPhone, how is the camera for videos?The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

The system on the iPhone is still the most reliable, even though the camera on this cellphone is only 12 megapixels, the video recording is still great in all situations, whether it’s day or night, the frame rate is still stable, the colors are still maintained, it doesn’t get dull or faded, it doesn’t have any earthquakes at all. If you record it at night, the video has more noise and it’s very clear it’s only natural if we record it in a low atmosphere as long as the frame rate doesn’t drop and it’s stable.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

7. Front camera

I’m happy that it doesn’t have a filter for the front camera, it’s also great, it can do 4K 30 FPS, well, this should be the standard for expensive cellphones, but yes, many Chinese cellphones are that good, but 1080p 30 FPS iPhones guarantee quality, not all of them.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

Even if the camera is for taking photos, the iPhone 12 is still as good as the best cell phone cameras nowadays, it’s clear that it’s not quite far from the tens of millions of masters, but it doesn’t feel like it’s too slow, but it can still compete with the new Android with a more complete camera that has a Zoom lens. The color is nicer, and the low LED is also neater, which is quite a loss.

But if the iPhone 12 wins in the Natural Plus color, the taste of processing is minimal, it’s just a matter of being low, in my eyes, it’s starting to be left behind.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

8. Conclusion

My conclusion is that the iPhone 12 at the end of 2023 or early 2024, this cellphone is still kicking with a screen that has been updated to OLED so that it is the same as the new iPhone, IOS, which sometimes makes you forget how old this cellphone is, which is more than 3 years old, the machine can still be made to run fast carrying games. -heavy game.The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

a camera that won’t be embarrassing when compared to children, it will only be used for another 45 years, it will still be happy, the lack of it for now, yes, the camera design is tasteful, if you want a slanted one, it’s still straight. The unshaven pony is still almost full length and of course, we can’t forget the point at the beginning earlier.

I can’t take it for granted that for just 16 million you can get an iPhone 13 which is a year newer if you can get a difference of 2 million and above, that’s a nice difference, maybe next month in 2 months, 3 months in 2024, you can comment on the price update for L, that’s the review of gadgets for the iPhone 12 at the end of 2023. If you like this article, keep reading the other articles, if you don’t like it, we’ll meet again in the next article. The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024

The right time to buy an iPhone 12 2024
iPhone 12 2024

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