Oppo find N3 the best choice

Oppo find N3 the best choice
Find N3

Oppo find N3 the best choice: Hello friends, Rafa here and I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Zfold for more than a year as my main cellphone. General information can’t be said to be spilling anymore, it’s always visible in my Instagram bio, how come I always update it every time I change cellphones, even though the contents of the cellphone fold again, HP folds, it’s too comfortable with the multitasking big screen foldable cellphone system that is a winner. I told you all about it during the review.

I’ve been happy since the ZFold 4 era when ZFold 5 appeared and the auto upgrade didn’t bother me even though the increase wasn’t drastic. The important thing is that there’s a difference. L. The thing is, Fold For is good and there are other choices for playing foldable in Indonesia, right? It’s just Samsung, whatever they give. Yes, just surrender, until now since the end of November 2023, the story is different.

Now there is Oppo who has joined the Indonesian foldable market through findine entry. Once again the term competition is good for consumers, this is clear proof that I am comfortable with Samsung, who all this time thought that they were right because they have the most experience in the world of foldable.

now I think about it, Oppo, which has just entered Gen 3 for foldable, how come it feels more mature, yes, it’s better than Gen 5, Samsung is so good, for the first time in history, I’m going to use an Oppo cellphone to be my daily driver cellphone. The main cellphone is a new sentence, David gadgetin.

I use an Oppo cellphone, yes, but I like to say things like that when I have decided to change brands. This means that something jumps out on the cell phone. At first, I was interested in the camera system, which is the best for foldable cellphones, but then I started thinking about making a permanent move when I tried the design and specs. It’s also good that fast charging lasts a long time, how come it’s even better? There are more reasons. If I note it down, 15 reasons convinced me to move to Findine Entry. There are too many. Let me explain them briefly, just one by one.

Oppo find N3 the best choice
OPPO the best

Oppo find N3 the best choice

1. Casing cable

Oppo find N3 the best choice

Firstly, of course, from the sales package which provides complete accessories, HP charger cable casing, you can also get the same color. If we have the gold variant, we can get gold. If we get black, we can get black. People who have spent almost Rp. 3 million for a cellphone that should have the complete Oppo package is also available. The Oppo Pen add-on costs 800,000, it can be used to define entry, but it’s big, we can’t stick it directly to the cellphone, so it’s not standby, personally, I wouldn’t take it, so if you get the required accessories, you’re already one step ahead, that’s the reason.

2. Chargers

Oppo find N3 the best choice

The two chargers that we got support SuperFug with a fast draw of 67 watts. Plug it in for 10 minutes. 25%, 20 minutes, almost half an hour, it was full, really great for charging a battery which is also large at 4,800 mah. While accompanying me in Japan yesterday, he never fussed about needing it. The power bank is sure to break through all-day.

3. Find entries

Oppo find N3 the best choice

The three cell phones are light for the foldable class. I was wowed when I first picked them up from the box. They weigh around 240 GR, but if they’re clean, if I use a casing, it’s 260 GR for my hands, which are used to lift 300 GR in foldable 5 Plus S pen casing. The difference of 40 GR is a big difference, especially if you hold the cellphone with one hand, it will get sore after a long time because you have to collect important notes.

The third point is relative, yes, in my case the fall drops by 10%, which makes my wrist happier, but if you move it from a cellphone with a candy bar under 200 gr, this fine entry will still feel heavy, the increase is 20%,

4. Though it’s lighter

Oppo find N3 the best choice

even though it’s lighter, the build quality is Oppo This find entry is extraordinarily premium according to the price. So, if you want to see the behind-the-scenes of the assembly, you can just watch the narrative video, Sis Najo is ready to go to the OPO factory in Tangerang. The black variant of this cellphone, it uses synthetic leather, it feels expensive. For the gold variant, it uses elegant matt finishing glass. The cellphone body is thin, but Angel If you use it, it’s still satisfying. Koko like this can be folded to many angles. Then when we close it, there’s a sound that makes it feel satisfying to close the ring box.

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5. Ipx4 rating

Oppo find N3 the best choice

This cellphone also has an ipx4 rating, meaning it is safe if it gets splashed with water like rain. In the video for example Mobile, there is a behind the scene shown at the Oppo factory in China which shows that the flushing process in Indonesia should be the same as the five ios in the Oppo Find entry.

There are lots of sliders for this entry. tell the cellphone to enter noise getter or silent mode. There is an Ir Blaster so that we can use the cellphone as a TV or AC remote. The quality of the microphone is also good. I used this cellphone to talk about point number 5. Yes, the microphone is good, the output of the speaker is also good, not the best. It’s like a HP gaming speaker but the sound is full of detail and feels good.

6. Screen cover ratio

Oppo find N3 the best choice

screen cover ratio findine entry is more normal, yes, with cellphones on the market, 20 to 9, not as long as Samsung at 23 to 9, but this is a matter of taste l There are pluses and minuses, the good thing about this Oppo screen is that the application size feels more appropriate, for example when we want to upload photos or videos or look at people’s IG Stories, we don’t waste a lot of space when we’re typing, and the distance between letters isn’t as small as Samsung’s potential

so it’s more minimal. It’s just nice if a slim cellphone like a Samsung has a body that fits more in the hand’s grip. The grip takes more than seven. This is still about the cover screen, but the target is not the keyboard. A warrior who likes to debate on social media. That’s the sixth point just now.

7. Warriors

Oppo find N3 the best choice

These seven are for real Warriors who like to fight in games, just like regular applications. Oppo’s screen ratio is more friendly to game developers, and more in line with their game design. For emotional gamers, feel free to just press the screen firmly, the windshield is always strong.

8. Gaming

eight, connect about gaming, have you seen how smoothly the main gen scene impacted scene just now, if you still need to repeat it, it’s smooth, 60 FPS, it’s flat in the first few minutes, then it drops flat again to 50 FPS, then it goes up again to 60, it goes down again to 50. It’s a bit up and down. but it is stable until the average frame rate can be 5-5. Please just look at this graph at the highest setting, of course, this is playing on the cover screen.

If we play on the inner screen, aka the main screen, which has a flexible screen that can be folded, the performance is slightly reduced so that it doesn’t get too hot because the screen can be folded. Of course, the price is limited, the specs also have to be limited, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, 16 gig RAM, fast UFS memory 4.0, and capacity is also at 512 gig which cannot be expanded using external memory anymore. 9 Oppo finding entry has a sharper main screen, 426 PPI versus 373 PPI.

9. Find N3

Oppo find N3 the best choice

When I first used the cellphone, my eyes felt that the found entry was better to look at, but I don’t know why it was like that, the panel is just the same, it’s a 120 Hz OLED, and it’s also a little brighter, but it doesn’t make a difference, it turns out because the image it produces is sharper. So it’s even crispier or not, maybe that’s the reason why the 10th keris or the definition entry crease is much thinner than the Samsung.

Maybe that’s why, because the difference is so big, I don’t need to say much. Yes, it’s so clear when you look at it at a glance, I immediately understand this, this is the part I gave up on yesterday, on a Samsung folding cellphone that has 5 generations. I have the most experience, but the fold is just like that. I think it’s stuck. There’s nothing you can do about it. The HP Volt has to turn on with the fold, but it doesn’t even find entry.

Indeed, there are still creases but they are very thin and have to be seen on a dark screen if the cellphone is turned on. Please look for the most visible one. Reason 11. Oppo fan entry uses a standard selfie camera on the screen. Yes, the camera is more visible because the selfie camera is inside the Oppo screen. F entry This is just a standard shape, not hidden like Samsung’s plus-minus.

10. Under display

Oppo find N3 the best choice

Again, for now, I still prefer this model for photos or videos, there’s no blur, and the video calls are clearer, the video calls are also clearer, I’m happy, of course, there is under-display camera technology which makes the screen smudge-free and clean, but for now we still have to fix the photos. and it’s a bit heavy, not only is the 12 better on the inside camera, but the 12 Oppo fan 3 is also scary about the outside camera, you’ve been curious about the camera with a design that sticks out like this, it stands out, right up until I converted it to a finger rest.

it’s so thick, why is the camera so thick? The culprit is the three-periscope camera, the camera in the middle of this square, the design has to be deep. Why is Oppo trying to make a camera like this that makes it thick, because the results are worth it, it can match the quality of the main camera, you know? Usually, a new cellphone camera can be said to be expensive if it has consistent quality on all lenses.

If the main camera is good, the HP meets range is also enough, so the flagship cellphone has to be good, all of us want to zoom out, and zoom in. It doesn’t feel like it’s suddenly a lot of noise, it’s easy to blur, the colors are different, I want it to be like this, the transition is consistent this part of the camera.

11. Selfie camera

Oppo find N3 the best choice

So the main reason I’m concerned with fine entry is the first reason for a selfie camera that is on the cover screen, it can record at 4k30 FPS resolution, if for example you want the best. Of course, as a folding cellphone, you can record using the main camera, yes, only the sample is already there if the cellphone is We fold one and use it like a normal cellphone selfie camera.

Reason 13. Fortunately, the software supports it. There is already a taskbar where the application is always on standby so we can activate it. If you want to switch apps quickly, if you want to multitask, just swipe to one side of the screen later.

12. The screen is split

Oppo find N3 the best choice

the screen is split. Oh yes, speaking of splitting, we can split the screen using two fingers to give additional space to the second application, you want to use three applications at once, they can slide together, you can also swipe up and down, I’ve really thought about this, that’s the only part that I haven’t seen yet OK, if we open the screen just a little, it will automatically switch to the main screen, I just open it a little, it immediately goes dark and immediately moves to the main screen on the patch.

13. Software updates

Oppo find N3 the best choice

Who wants to use the main screen, use the main screen while standing, uh, the front screen. If anyone wants to peek, they certainly can. This is the fourth reason why software updates take a long time, OS updates take up to 4 years, security pad updates take up to 5 years, a commitment that makes me believe that OPPO is serious about entering the foldable market.

14. Monster hardware

Oppo find N3 the best choice

Don’t just give me monster hardware and then leave it behind, so you have to do simple software things like this, you can fix it or give me an option button, if you want it to stay like this or you can change it, the final reason why I can move to Oppo Find entry service is also good Look at this cellphone, we automatically get Oppo care plus international guarantee, refresh service to replace anti-scratch twice a year, door to door service, free shipping, premium service line, premium hotline, exclusive technicians and so on.

15. Daily drive

Oppo find N3 the best choice

For details, you can check the Oppo website. These are the 15 reasons that make Min me automatically use an Oppo cellphone to be a daily driver. It’s good for a long distance, although it doesn’t win absolutely 1550 or not. The Samsung Z4 5 is still annoying and it has lots of casing choices, plus there’s a Xen build so that it can be used. ready then it can be thrown into water because it has an ipx8 rating and wireless charging. I can’t understand why Oppo Fine Entry doesn’t have it.

This cellphone is almost 30 million, I don’t know Oppo’s mindset, like telephoto cameras and so on, but there’s no wireless charging here and what’s more important for me, this cellphone can’t charge the TWS, you can charge the Smartphone, you just have to stick it in the cellphone or not. Samsung Z4 5 can also have Samsung Dex, just plug it directly into the monitor.

I don’t think so about charging, but after doing the calculations, it’s still easy to move to the find entry because you have to choose between the other two sections because it’s still too big. Hopefully there will be a reply from Samsung even though it’s still a long time ago because the Zfold 5 just came out.

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So, while I’m waiting, I’ll stick to Oppo, so the gadget review for Oppo Fine entry is like Land the Squad and that’s all in this article.

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